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Welcome to the Wildfire Enterprises - Aquatics Division.  We're not kidding here!  We started fish keeping, strictly as a fun hobby, many moons ago and since then, word of mouth has put us in demand of helping many folks with all of their "Freshwater Only" tropical fish needs and "Freshwater Only" fish tank maintenance!  Hey, we figured, well why not?  We're that good at it!  So now as a great little business, we do all the work for you and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your aquarium!  By the way, the market is flooded with so-called "Marine Saltwater Specialists", but no one ever seemed to really specialize exclusively as "Freshwater Only Aquarium Specialists" ...until we came along!  Just please remember that... we don't do saltwater!


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P.O. Box 551
Forked River, NJ 08731
Tel/Fax (609) 971-3511





American Marine Inc. - Pinpoint monitors & controllers, calibration fluids and accessories.

American Thermal Instruments - High grade liquid crystal display thermometers.

Amiracle - Protein skimmers, filters, filter media and aquariums.

Aquatronics - Specialty medications and water conditioners.

Argent Laboratories - Cyclop-eeze and other aquatic animal health care products and programs.

AquaC - Protein skimmers and accessories.

Aquadyne - Octopus 3000 controller/monitor.

Aqua Medic - Turboflotor skimmers and other products.

Aquarium Currents - Sea Swirl rotating return device.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc - Tap water purifier, test kits, filter media, etc.

Aquarium Products - Water treatments, medications, breeding accessories, etc.

Aquarium Systems - Instant Ocean salt mix, maxi and mini-jet powerheads, etc.

Aquarium Technology Inc. - Makers of the Hydro-Sponge filter.

Barron's - Books on aquarium keeping.

BlueLine - Lighting controllers, moonlight simulators, wavemakers, top-off systems, pump saver.

Blue Ribbon Pet Products - Filter media, foods and other pet products.

Boyd Enterprises -- Makers of Chemi-Pure and Vita-Chem.

CaribSea Inc. - High quality marine and freshwater substrates.

Champion Lighting & Supply - Lighting systems, filters and other accessories.

Cichlid Press/Aquatic Promotions - Books and CDs on (you guessed it) cichlids, as well as some other fish groups.

Creative Plastic Research - Makers of the BAK PAC Protein Skimmer.

Coralife/ESU - Lighting, salt, filter media, etc.

Current - Lighting systems and chillers.

Danner/Supreme - MagDrive and Pondmaster water pumps.

ESV Products - B-ionic Calcium Buffer System and other supplements for the marine aquarium.

Farm Innovators - Pond and various other de-icing products.

Giesemann Lichttechnik - Various high-end lighting systems for marine and freshwater aquariums.

Goldfish Connection - Foods for goldfish and koi. Livestock also available.

Gulfstream Tropical Aquarium - Magfloat algae magnets.

Hagen - Aquaclear filters, air pumps, powerheads, water treatments and other accessories.

HBH Enterprises - Fish foods.

Hikari Japan - English version from manufacturer/distributor Kamihata Fish Industries.

Hikari USA - Fish foods.

Hydor - Heaters, filters, pumps and other aquatic accessories.

IceCap, Inc. - Electronic ballasts for fluorescent and metal halide lamps.
Iwaki Walchem - High quality water and other pumps.

JoesJuice.COM - Solution that helps to eliminate Aiptasia sp. and Majano sp. anemones.

Jungle Labs - Foods, medications and water treatments.

Kent Marine - Water supplements, algae scrapers and other aquarium accessories.

Knop - Calcium reactors and other marine aquarium accessories.

Lees Aquarium and Pet Products - Vegi-clips and other accessories.

Marc Weiss Companies, Inc. - Coral Vital, Live Sand Booster and other supplements.

Mardel Laboratories - Medications, water treatments, water conditioners and test kits.

Marine Enterprises International - Big Mombassa protein skimmer and other products.

MarineLand - Magnum, Penguin, Emperor filters, etc.

Maxkor - Manufacturer of digital electronic high intensity discharge (HID) ballasts.

Mergus - Publisher of the aquarium atlas series by Hans Baensch and other titles.

Microcosm - Publisher of books on various subjects relative to the marine aquarium hobby.

North American Brine Shrimp (NABS) - Brine shrimp eggs (artemia cysts) from the Great Salt Lake.

Neptune Systems - Aquacontroller/monitor systems.

Oscar Enterprises - Surface skimmer, filters and cleaning accessores.

O.S.I. Marine Labs, Inc. - High quality fish foods.

Penn Plax - Products for aquariums and other animals.

Pentair Aquatics - Aquarium, pond and aquaculture products. Formerly Rainbow Lifegard.

Perfecto Manufacturing - Aquariums, hoods, stands and accessories.

PFO Lighting Inc. - Hoods, ballasts, lamps, parts, etc.

Plantabbs - Barley bales, pondtabbs, aquatic plant fertilizers.

Poly Bio-Marine - Poly Filters and Kold Ster-il 3 Stage Hi -Flow Water Filter.

Precision Marine Systems - Protein Skimmers, Calcium Reactors and CO2 Components.

Python Products - No Spill clean and fill and other cleaning accessories.

Reading Trees - Publisher of marine books written by Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner.

Red Sea Fish pHarm - Berlin protein skimmers, salt, test kits and additives.

Reef Concepts - Maker of the Aerofoamer protein skimmers.

Salifert - Test kits, supplements and remedies.

Saline Solutions - Protein skimmers, acrylic aquariums, filtration and more.

San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc. - Brine shrimp based and other foods.

Sea Life Supply - Medusa controllers, chillers and various other aquarium accessories.

Seachem - Water conditioners, supplements, test kits.

Spectrapure - Water purification systems.

Tetra: English- Aquarium, pond and reptile products.

T.F.H Books - Books on all aspects of the aquarium hobby.

3iQ Ventures LLC - Switching current water director (SCWD).

Tropic Marin - Marine salt, hydrometers, thermometers, additivies and test kits.

Tunze - Cleaning magnets, skimmers, filters and more.

Two Little Fishies - Marine and freshwater supplements, books, lighting systems.

Ultralife Reef Products - Water purification, water pumps, etc.

Ultraviolet Resources International - Fluorescent lamps and other lighting options.

Vortex Innerspace Products - Diatom filters and accessories.

Wardley - Premium quality fish foods.

WEIL Industrieanlagen GmbH - RowaPhos and other water treatments.

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. - Rotating powerheads and other accessories.


Wildfire Enterprises - Aquatics Division specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of all types of tropical freshwater fish tanks and aquarium systems at the entire New Jersey Shore area.


You can purchase an aquarium system directly from us, or if you already have a setup we can provide periodic maintenance services and consulting.


We also provide freshwater fish selection, delivery, and disease care  and emergency services.


Call us anytime, including nights and weekends!


Marine Aquarium Societies of North America

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